Installation Services

Included with Every Armored Closet

Armored closet installation servicesAt Circle T Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters, we will provide you with our highly -  trained, professional installation services when constructing your shelter. We treat all of our customers like family.  We want you to be happy, safe, and relieved to have an Armored Closet installed in your home.

When we complete an Armored Closet installation, we leave your home exactly the way we found it. We pick up all of our supplies, and any debris that accrued during our process. 

If you live in Mississippi, Alabama or Louisiana, you know we get an average of 50 or more tornadoes a year, plus many severe storms. Our location is in Brooklyn, Mississippi and we know how devastating the weather can be in this area.

Our installation specialists are highly trained individuals with many years of experience of steel working in residential homes and businesses. We hire only the best experts who enjoy the work they do. This shows by the pride they have in a job well done and happy customers.

Our Installation Process

The Circle T Safe Rooms & Storm Shelters team will arrive at your home promptly at the agreed upon time. Our highly - trained, professional installers have all the panels, hardware, specialized moving dollies and equipment needed to transport the structure materials into your home or garage.

Our goal is to leave you blown away with the workmanship and the time it takes to do the installation. We know what we are doing, and it shows with our expertise and professionalism.

We know your home is an investment and having a shelter only increases the value of your home. Our promise is to leave your house, when our job is completed, just as beautiful and clean as when we arrived. Our employees treat your home as if it were their own. 

White Glove Installation Services At No Extra Charge

Our teams of highly-skilled installers bring years of experience in the home building trades. We are experts in the business of residential safe room installations. After you finalize your shelter and your installation date arrives, our friendly installers will ensure that your structure is assembled perfectly in the area of your home that it was custom designed for.

Armored Closet installers will leave your home looking just as nice as when they arrived by keeping their work areas clean not leaving any trash behind.  We take extra care in floor preparation, door entry safety precautions and we use proprietary install dollies designed exclusively for the Armored Closet door and panel system. You can be confident that your beautiful home will be left clean and in excellent condition.

Many customers are surprised to find out that our installers are able to achieve these results in just a few short hours! The feeling that you get after your Armored Closet installation is completed and you know that you have a safe place for you and your family to go during a storm is hard to put a price tag on.

The Armored Closet is a viable, bullet-proof safe room that gives you tornado protection in season and peace of mind throughout the day and into the night because it doubles as an accessible, in-home safe room. The piece of mind knowing that you can keep your family safe is priceless.

Be Safe and Secure with your Family in an Armored Closet

Are you Ready for Tornado Season?